Friday, August 07, 2009

Busy, busy...

Boy am am busy with life theses days. Work, gym, home...pheww...I'm not tired or anything but the days where I woke up and say to myself "wtf am I going to do today" are over. I have stuff to do all the time, cleaning, yard work, and I still have to cook at home even though I cook like 35 hours a week at work. I am working later today and so far I made omelettes for Jack and I for breakie, served with bacon on the side and toast. Nothing major but the idea came cause I watched Julia Childs omelette show yesterday and got inspired. Now I am baking some granola to give to C.E since he and his family are going camping for a week.
This week I made 42 little lemon tarts, and some creme brulee. I brought some to work for sharing and people enjoyed very much. Short post since I work today...

have a nice day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sun + day off = happy happy izze! feet are up, I'm having my timmy's coffee and my pooch is sleeping close and my hubby is in the is good! I got up early this morning...well, 8 this morning and then went to the park with Pearl for an hour and came home and took a nap on the couch. Nice! It feels really good to do that when you are tired from a long week at work and have no pressing things to do. I will mow my lawn friend Cat will come by and we will chat and giggle for an hour or so and then I prepare a faboush meal for my hubby. I think I will do cornish hen tonight. I've been cooking it all week at the restaurant and it really looks baby chicken(sorry to all vegetarians and vegans but I love my meat). Apps will be deep-fried brie served with an onion compote and warm baguette. Like I said...cornish hen, I'm thinking with a wild rice stuffing(served on the side) and a Shiraz-demi glace sauce. For a veg I'm not sure yet...will see whats nice at the market and then decide. Yummers!

I worked a bit with my "frenemy" yesterday. What a two-faced person...that's all I'm saying about him since he does not deserve more attention. I was ALONE on the line all week this's was challenging and at times un-nerving but I got through it and I obviously did well because my sous-chef asked me if I wanted to put a recipe on the menu. I feel very happy about that...I've come up with a couple of recipes that could be interesting...we'll just have to wait and see.

I've acheived my 5 months of not smoking...Feb 18th was my quit day...Have had many desires to smoke but did not. I'm very happy for that but I did gain a bit of weight but its ok. I feel so much better and less stressed and nervous that right now the extra weight just makes me giggle. I'm sure it will be a struggle for some time but I've gone this far and have had some stressful moments and I got through them without a cigarette. WOOHOO ME!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Funny how things can change...

Well on thursday I emailed the Chef with my concerns and when I got to work we had a meeting about it all. He gave me sound advice on how to deal with the asshole and told me I was aloud to put him in his place if he got out of hand with his comments. Just that made me feel a whole lot better. Chef gave me an evaluation too which was really good in my opinion. He also said I was expected to make mistakes so not to worry about it to much and just go ahead and cook. Which is what I did yesterday and it went great! I was alone and we got a bit busy...not crazy and I took care of it all, with little help. AWESOME! I'm not gonna kid myself's not going to be like that all the time but I know Chef likes my work ethic and just wants me to get some practice and we will be fine. I am happy about that and it's making me like my job even more since my confidence is building. The funny thing is that the moment I feel ok to do the line alone will be when they start cutting hours I'm sure. I don't know exactly how it works over the winter but I'm hoping to get a few shifts over the winter so I don't lose I am already thinking of next summer.

Ha...I finally found what men think about!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to work today..

It going to be a weird day I feel. I am alone on mains, with a new person as my helper and I don't really feel ready enough but whatever...If I screw up tonight its on the chefs head cause he scheduled me like this...I didn't ask. C.E is going to be coordinating so if all hell breaks loose he can come and help but I still feel it's a bit early for me to be alone on mains. Maybe I will ask Chef for a little chat today to have him give me some input on how I'm doing. The only input I've been getting is from the asshole that keeps putting me down and assholes get no attention from me...I need it from someone I actually respect.

Rain again today...go figure! It's turning out to be a very green summer with all the rain. My grass is beautiful and weeds...ha! I actually have some mushrooms growing in my lawn becuase it never has time to really dry out. I think I have found a company that I will hire to help me to the front of the house landscaping. It's something I want done and find a bit intimidating to do on my own.

gotta go do stuff....brb...after work

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ahh...a few days off..

always feels good. I had another emotional week-end at work. Same person as last time has been able to make me feel like a total loser. He has the meanest ways to try to tell you something...He's trying to be his own chef Ramsey with me and it really sucks. He thinks he funny and all, trying to embarrase everyone, not just me. What a prick he is....a small prick at that! whatever, he doesn't deserve any of my attention and that's all. Let him berate me all he wants, he won't win with me. It hurts, I cry(not in front of him though) but he won't fucking win! All this really shows me is that there are some really uncivilized people still out there in the year 2009. Oh well...

On to other more joyous thoughts...

I keep seeing this little chipmunks outside my office window and he's making me laugh. He(or she...can't tell from this far) is too cute! man needs me...brb

went to help J with the new power washer he bought...woohoo, new cleaning tool! Funny how cleaning tools make me happy! It's great! Powerful and really noisy. I love it! Now all I need is time to clean. I laugh when I say I need time to clean cause not 3 months ago I was sooo bored and had too much time on my hands...what a difference.

ohh, friend at door..brb again

Saturday, July 11, 2009

head aches and rain. head ache is slowly going away. It sucks when you wake up with one and then have to go work. Took some motrin so it should be fine soon, I hope. Yesterday was a good night at work, 10 hours on my feet...boy was I pooped when I got home. It was pretty slow til 8 then we got slammed from 8 to the close. Non-stop order after order. We were out of there by 11:30. I was in charge of mains for about one hour...which means lots of grilled meats and I'm still a little nervous about my temperatures for meats(rare, med...) Our filet mignon steak is a thick cut and I have a haard time judging the doneness. For the rack of lamb as well, I have a hard time but I will learn. What I'm gonna do tonight is while working with C.E., he's the sous-chef, I will ask theat when we are not busy if I can do the meats so he can supervise... that way I'll get more confident if I have him there.

Have to get ready, slept in really late today and am leaving for work in about one hour and I'm still in my P.J's....lazy me!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

This is brilliant!

Eternal moonwalk

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Back to work today, after a relaxing week off. I hope I'm working with C.E on mains and not on the pub side. It's really hot on the pub side, bigger grill, both sides of the salamaner open, two deep fryers...lots of heat going on. On either side I finish my shift soaking wet. I can wring my shirt after a shift and it drips...yucky I know but that's part of it I guess. I really enjoy my job...I love cooking in these quantities and sometimes it's that too. Well, I love the feeling of satisfaction when it's over. Can you be addicted to satisfaction? Does that even make sense? Let us ponder this question today...Can one be addicted to the feeling of satisfaction? If so then I think I am.

I kept thinking of yesterdays post and how people talk about each other and all...I have decided to not play that game anymore. When people around me will be gossiping I will walk away. Granted at times it will be impossible for me to walk away but I will not participate in hurting another person with my words. Let people talk all they want about me...I know myself and they cannot bring my spirit down. I am at my job for two reasons, to work and learn. Not to put people down.

AHHH...I feel way better now about my first day back at work. Better prepared at least to deal with gossip.